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Blizzard starcraft 2 patch

blizzard starcraft 2 patch

Adjusted mass effect 2 ps3 iso the amount of points earned and lost by random team participants to properly reflect the strength of a player's teammates.
O Corruptor, energy bar removed.
O Void Ray, damage level 1 increased from 5 to 6 (4 armored).The number of players in a lobby will be displayed in open lobby lists.Play and Play Again buttons have been replaced across the custom games user flow with Join Lobby or Create Lobby buttons.Blizzard today gives out some details about the second patch for their successful game title Starcraft.Multiple lobbies of the same map can be displayed simultaneously.StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty patch.1.2 is now live!Blizzards preview for the Arcade and custom games.Hopefully, bricks of egypt serial number these changes make custom games more accessible easier to find, and easier to play.Speed reduced from.75.5.The Custom subsection under the Multiplayer tab has been removed.Legacy of the Void.Supply Depot life increased from 350 to 400.

Balance, protoss o Buildings, nexus life and shields increased from 750/750 to 1000/1000.Lair life increased from 1800 to 2000.Ability starts with cooldown available (useable immediately after upgrade is researched).Game lobbies have received several new features: Individual lobbies with custom titles can be created.Arcade allows you to create new lobbies for Arcade maps.For more details, please check out this post, all unit skins can now be used in Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm games.Dev Comments: In our continuing work on Fenix, we wanted to first address a few issues with champion functionality.Dev Comments: Dehaka is tall!StarCraft 2 (Blizzard Entertainment) (RUS) (P) rrent.Adds a key-value pair data store to effect trees.O Infestor, fungal Growth now prevents Blink.