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Donkey kong country 2 super nintendo rom

donkey kong country 2 super nintendo rom

Those who played Mario games before shouldn't have any problem with this one.
This is one of the best games made for the Super Nintendo ever!However, in a good way, Donkey Kong Country is completly different.You'll have to complete various acrobat 6 professional serial number areas with a certain ammount of levels.If you're looking for a game on the snes, this one will have you captivated for some time.The gameplay is awesome, and quite unexpected.You can switch between both Donkey and Diddy for different situations (Diddy is faster and jumps higher, while Donkey is more powerful).Even if you're new to the genre, you'll have lots of fun.
You need to beat the boss in order to move to the next area.
The gameplay is similar to most platfromers, except that Donkey has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Giving Donkey Kong, the ape from the arcade title, a platforming game on their newest system?This game is amazing!For whatever reason they did it, I'm glad they did.Console: Super Nintendo, downloads: 973,139, screenshots, no screenshots added yet).The game-play is similar to Mario games but has a few twists.He can roll, pick up and throw barrels, he also has a special ground attack, and can ride on rolling barrels!
The difficulty level on this game was much higher than 2 (more equatable to 3 actually) and the courses, of course, are more simplistic than that of it's sequels.