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Farm frenzy full game

farm frenzy full game

Strategy: Buy 1 Turkey (100).
Once you have another 50,000, buy the holdem manager 2 winamax third Robot (50,000).
When the helicopter returns, Dress one Bear.When the truck returns, buy 2 Turkeys (200) and upgrade the truck (250).More Bears will attackwarehouse them and sell them with the last Dressed Bear.When the truck returns (30,000 buy two Cows (20,000) for a total.Sell the four Dressed Bears (28,000) and the five Cows (25,000).Upgrade the Factory (500).Otherwise if you make 2,500 and immediately buy the Turkeys, youll have to make another 3,000 to make the money goal.You should easily make Gold.Click it to make it go faster, but watch the red line.Click on the 1 next to an animal to sell one.Start with Dressed Bears, then Dresses, then whatever packs best.One more trickeven with Batteries, Robots produce fairly slowly.For the rest of the level, keep any Bears so you can Dress them.Prerequisites: You must buy the next level of the Weaving Factory and the Sewing Factory in the Shop before beginning.Dont forget to make the last of the Cheese, but most of your clicking should be on the left side.Levels 81-90 Level 81 Time goal: Gold: 2:50 Silver: 3:50 Money goal: 0 Products goal: 1 Mega Cake Stars earned: 200, 200 como descargar real playerer Gold, 100 Silver Start with: 2,500, 10 free Sheep, Egg Powder Factory (5) (may be converted to a Mega Cake Bakery for 6,000.
Upgrade the warehouse (1,000).

When the truck comes back, buy the Robot (50,000).Heres the most important tip for slower clickersyou can use upgrades youve bought later in the game to go back and replay earlier levels where you didnt get Gold.If you lose one Turkey at any time during the level, just replace.This will significantly reduce the number of physical clicks you have to make on levels where you use the Cats.When the truck returns (2,000 buy the fourth Sheep (1,000).Sell any combination of Cakes and Yarn that will be at least 900.Can she turn the tide in her favor?
Level 6 Time goal: Gold: 2:10 Silver: 3:35 Money goal: 500 Products goal: 8 Turkeys, 8 Cookies Stars earned: 400, 400 Gold, 300 Silver Start with: 300, 2 free Turkeys, 1 Egg Powder Factory (2 1 Cookie Bakery (1).
When you have maxed out the machines in the Cake cycle, start on the machines for the Dress cycle.