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Ghost ship full game

ghost ship full game

Click on the pump (H) to inflate the boat.
Find all the pieces except for the red one for the scissors.
Click on the open chest.Give the BOW to the archer (S) and mindjet mindmanager 2012 professional crack get a wooden archer.Enter the room on the right of the hotel desk.Exit the studio and head left to the museum.Head back into the Shamans house and into the room on the left.
Look close and use the plunger on the plate on the back wall (N).

Look close at the submarine (M) at the end of the pier.Click on the tape recorder and get a tape recorder witape.Read the note (W).Push the button (R) on the computer.Back out of the room to the lobby and head into the office on the right.Place the ships wheel on the stem.Head to the left to the fire and ice room and use the pickaxe on the icy doorway.Click on the lower portion of the clock (S) and take the final piece of the sponge (T) and the KEY (U).Look close at the printed page (M) and use the polynesian dictionary on the sheet (N).
Take the final piece of the weights (M) and shovel (N) and the chisel (O).