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High definition media player software

high definition media player software

Thanks to great improvement on video decoding/encoding technology, some computers based HD video format can also deliver up to 1080p visual effect.
Mpeg-1/2, DivX (1/2/3/4/5/6 mpeg-4 ASP, XviD, 3ivX D4,.261,.263 /.263i,.264 / mpeg-4 AVC, Cinepak, Theora, Dirac / VC-2, mjpeg (A/B WMV 1/2, WMV 3 / WMV-9 / VC-1, Sorenson 1/3, DV, On2 VP3/VP5/VP6, Indeo Video v3 (IV32 Real Video (1/2/3/4).
High-definition video or HD video refers to any video system of higher resolution than standard-definition (SD) video, and most commonly involves display resolutions of 1280x720 pixels (720p) or 1920x1080 pixels (1080i/1080p).Not only good at playing Blu-ray Disc and Blu-ray ISO files but also good at playing all the other video formats.Automatic Playback, after you insert Blu-ray Disc into the Blu-ray drive and you open your 1080p media player, you will see the the.Hdtv video recording formats (HDV and.The source code changes are available on: m/strukturag/vlc m/strukturag/vlc-2.1, some example video files (more to come soon References).If you have Apple TV, for example, you can tell 5KPlayer to play any video on the TV and vice versa (5KPlayer can also receive content from AirPlay).Media, conversion "Convert all video files to avchd.

Mpeg Layer 1/2, MP3 - mpeg Layer 3, AAC - mpeg-4 part3, Vorbis, AC3 - A/52, E-AC-3, MLP / TrueHD 3, DTS, WMA 1/2, WMA 3, flac, alac, Speex, Musepack / MPC, atrac 3, Wavpack, Mod, TrueAudio, APE, Real Audio, AMR, midi, lpcm, adpcm, qcelp.More Details about 1080p Media Player Software.5KPlayer plays your videos in high definition, can download them from or Dailymotion, and can even send them to your TV or big screen through AirPlay.Full 1080p Video Playback, give you an experience of spectacular Full-HD video image quality and crystal-clear DTS.1 digital audio enjoyments that will indulge you into the audio-visual enjoyment.Photo Viewing, you can view and scan pictures of all formats on the 1080p media player or zoom it or pan.Easier than VLC, more powerful than QuickTime.Hot Tags: Blu-ray media player, multi region Blu-ray player, Windows 7 Blu-ray player.Aurora Blu-ray Media Player allows you to adjust track synchronization by yourself.Hevc 4K Ultra HD Media Player VLC for Windows available.
If you're tired of VLC's complexity and you're looking for a more powerful alternative to the default Mac OS X media player, 5KPlayer just might be an excellent middle ground.
Play what you want, when you want.