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Kozacy 2 3d patch

kozacy 2 3d patch

Kupiem wczeniej Clicka w którym te byli Kozacy ale Bitwa o Europ.
Life points for block houses 800(16000).
Bugfix: Pionneers/Combat real guitar 2 serial keygen engineers are only able to place powder barrels when standing in formation.
Bugfix: Fast buildup of blockhouses by pioneers/combat engineers has been removed.Bugfix: Cannon limit-bug for light cannons and 7 zip virtual drive haubitzes (Austria, Prussia and Egypt) has been abolished.Bugfix: Bug with invisible buildings removed.France 100 gold 150 iron Russia 200 gold 200 iron Prussia 100 gold 150 iron Austria 100 gold 150 iron England 500 gold 500 iron, upgrading speed 500 (3000) Balancing Changes: France: NG: Coal per shot 8 (-2) Fusilier: melee (close combat) attack 2 (12.Produces formations separately (formations won't be mixed up by units of different barracks.Zainstalowaem gr z ostatniego CDA.Cossacks 2: Napoleonic Wars.Price for grenadier upgrade has been significantly reduced.Niedziaajce pliki prosimy zgasza na uwagi(at).Developer: PerLarsson, download count (English 7426,589, download count (Worldwide 8995,505).All canons only need 200 instead of 300 units of gunpowder per shot (except England).Bugfix: Palace and Coal Factory don't start producing recources before the buildings are completely finished.Coal consumption per shot by a tower -100(300).Games against AI (Skirmish, Battles and Missions) will be recorded.Gameplay Improvements/News Features: France, pioneers are available after academy.
Bugfix: Cannons stop firing once a building is destroyed.

Pope: Healing 35(60)m larger healing range Mounted Uhlan: training speed: 90, price: food 60, wood 200, melee bonus 3/30 Mounted Chasseur: training speed: 120, price: food 60 iron 60, shooting 165, melee attack 12, melee bonus 1/50 Mounted Hussar: training speed: 130, price: food.Poniej opisano wprowadzane zmiany (w jzyku angielskim Version.2, the patch implements following bugfixes/changes: Bugfix: Prussian pioneers are able to create powder barrels.England, pioneers are available after coal factory.Bugfix: "Units armed with a pistol dont shoot anymore when the pistol is loaded but no coal is available" - Bug disposed.Dziej si tak za kadym razem i przy dowolnej prowincji.Limit of 2 stables for light and one stable for heavy cavalry at the same time per player (Egypt 1 and 1).Limit of 4 towers at the same time per player.