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Pepper api (ppapi) plugin

pepper api (ppapi) plugin

As opposed to the default behavior which strips path and ccna wireless study guide iuwne exam 640-721 pdf query components before passing to the PAC scripts.
Enables natural scroll by default.
You don't see Flash settings If youre using a work or school device, your organization might not let you change Flash settings.
process-per-tab Runs each set of script-connected tabs (i.e., a BrowsingInstance) in its own renderer process.Note that even if client-side phishing detection is enabled, it will only be active if the user has opted in to UMA stats and SafeBrowsing is enabled in the preferences.ash-shelf-color Enables the shelf color to be derived from the wallpaper.enable-hotword-hardware Enables experimental hotword features specific to always-on.We need this for testing purposes so that the UI tests don't depend on what comes up for.Please note this is not Chrome OS kiosk mode.log-level Sets the minimum log level.Forces metrics reporting to be enabled.Support came via a small ActiveX control (named "plugin.Set the value to 'always' to always throttle every plugin instance.force-mediafoundation 1 Force the use of MediaFoundation for video capture.
Enable experimental canvas features,.g.
Note that this flag does not ensure that a GPU context will never be lost in any situations, say, a GPU reset.

slow Defines that Material Design visual feedback animations should be slow.Disables the client-side phishing detection feature.Forces use of hardware overlay for fullscreen video playback.disable-features Lists separated by commas the name of features to disable.Although commonly associated with Internet Explorer, ActiveX is integration technology that allows any computer program to integrate parts of other computer programs that support such integration.Specifies the estimated time (in milliseconds) from vsync event until when visible light can be noticed by the user.ash-shelf-color-scheme The color scheme to be used when the kAshShelfColor feature is enabled.This only works when Chrome is running from a Chrome source directory.
is-running-in-mash Chrome is running in Mash.