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Photo editor for 6120c

photo editor for 6120c

Review posted October 16, 2007 by Lisa Gade, Editor in Chief.
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Phone Features, Reception and Data.
It is started 3 seconds after pressing its shortcut when the whole screen turns into a horizontal interface.Gone are the dedicated pencil key (instead, press the # key to change input) and multimedia launcher buttons to make the phone smaller.Size comparison: The, nokia E90, N Classic.In addition, there's a microSD card slot that accepts cards up to 2 gigs in capacity.Download speeds are very tolerable over edge, even with small attachments.You can dial from contacts, and there's speed dialing as well as Nokia's iffy voice command but there's no smart dialing or smart search in contacts.Several years ago Nokia used the model number 6120, so they added Classic to avoid confusion between the current and very old models sharing the same number.Reception is strong (we measure reception in db, rather than relying on signal bars) on both the 8MHz GSM bands used in the.The music player is not the one we know from the N-series phones with Symbian.2 either, but is quite similar.An album cover image is visualised, if there is one attached to the music file.And of course, you can install 3rd party S60 3rd edition applications to the phone, though Nokia's broad software bundle doesn't leave gaping holes.The 2" display dominates the front face, though the keys haven't been shrunken unbearably small to keep the phone petit.The White Balance is a problem, because of which most photos are with yellowish tint and unreal colors and almost all of them, if viewed at full size (100 have lots of dots next to one another as spots.

A one-stop shop for any photo editing need." -Mashable "A very comprehensive photo editor.Camera:.0 MP with fixed focus lens and LED flash.850 is used in the US along with 1900, and 2100MHz is used in Europe.So since most of us won't be using 3G on the Nokia in the US, let's look at edge.We setup of gta san andreas extreme edition 2011 liked all three games and find them very suitable to make good use of ones free time).A complex Excel file is visualized OK and scrolling in it is easy, too.The 6120 has 3G hsdpa on the rather oddly combined 8MHz bands.With weaker lighting and shooting at closer objects, the LED provides light but the colors are highly greenish and the noise is so much that it covers all.Compression decreases quality but the videos can still be viewed on a computer.You might miss a call if you use music as ringtone and fail to feel the vibration.The inconvenience with Quickoffice is that it opens files saved only in the Documents folders of the memory of the phone and the card.