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Setup sublime text 2 for rails

setup sublime text 2 for rails

If you run into any problems, dont panic.
Click through the installer using the default options.
In the end it should just say: 'tzinfo-data platforms: :mingw, :mswin After you did that, please use your Command Prompt again and type bundle update.
Virtual Machine Instead of installing all tools on your machine, you can also set up a development environment in a Virtual Machine.Oh-My-Zsh is an open source, community-driven framework for managing your ZSH configuration.In the window you will find the version of your operating system.(Related article: How to Install Ruby on Rails for Mac OSX Mavericks for this post we are based on a clean Ubuntu.04 LTS installation, nevertheless I have installed these tools in previous versions with the same steps.Install Rails To install the Ruby on Rails development environment you just need to copy the line below for your Linux distribution (Ubuntu or Fedora paste it in the Terminal and press Enter.Find out how: RVM documentation.For Fedora: bash (curl -sL ) Make sure that all works well by running the application generator command.If youre using a different service, they may game sniper ghost warrior pc use a different wording -.g.Re-run the command that was failing previously.

Your first Rails App First you need to install Rails gem: norma pro keygen chomikuj 1 gem install rails Create your new app: 1 2 rails new name_of_your_new_app cd name_of_your_new_app Go to Gemfile and uncomment emperor rise of the middle kingdom cd key this line: 1 gem 'therubyracer platforms: :ruby The gem Therubyracer is Google V8 engine.If you are using Internet Explorer, we recommend installing Google Chrome or Firefox.If you use Internet Explorer, we recommend installing Firefox or Google Chrome.But if you need a more complete editor: with debugger, Git or Ticketing System integration, plugins.Follow the instructions for your operating system.In order to give access from command prompt: 1 2 sudo mv Sublime Text 2 /opt/ sudo ln -s /opt/Sublime Text 2/sublime_text /usr/bin/subl Now you can open your Rails app by typing: 1 2 cd name_of_your_new_app subl.Guard) and a rails console, should you need to foolproof some code on the side.In order to start building your first web application using Ruby on Rails, you will need to setup some software and the development environment for your computer.