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Sins of a solar empire patch 1.01

sins of a solar empire patch 1.01

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(Entrenchment Only) Jam Weapons range changed from 3,500/5,000/7,000 nfs 1 game for pc to 4,500/5,500/6,500.Max hull points increased from 420 to 475.(Original Sins) Planet bombing damage increased from 21.Hit points increased from 450 to 510.Disruptive Strikes may now be triggered by its pulse beam weapons.

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Max hull points increased from 385 to 435.Antorak Marauder: Distort Gravity now grants an increase to turn rate of 25/50/75 in addition to its other effects.Jheberg o, multi links, uploading.(Entrenchment Only) Ravastra Skirmisher: Max hull points increased from 700 to 740.Heavy Fallout is now an activatable ability with autocast that can now be toggled on or off, and has a cooldown of 15 seconds.Missile Batteries antimatter cost reduced from 125.Disruptive Strikes now acts as an interrupt.Reintegration duration reduced from 40 gb to mb converter to 20 seconds.(Entrenchment Only) Skirantra Carrier: Now starts with three squadrons and tops out at eight at max level.Deploy Siege Platform spawned platform duration reduced from 180.
Revised random name generation of capital ships and starbases to use string prefixes defined in player entities directly rather than a prefix type.