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Vmware 4.0 update 4.1

vmware 4.0 update 4.1

Vmfs-undelete utility is not available for ESX/ESXi.0 ESX/ESXi.5 Update 4 included a utility called vmfs-undelete, which could be used to recover deleted.vmdk files if they were not overwritten at the block level.
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The vSphere Client upgrade is mandatory.After installation, perform the following steps to turn off UAC before joining a Linked Mode group: Select Start Setting Control Panel User Accounts hide and seek games full version to open the User Accounts dialog box.Note: The pre configured alarms already have default trigger conditions defined for them.After the vCenter Servers are linked, turn on UAC as follows: Select Start Setting Control Panel User Accounts to open the User Accounts dialog box.Snmp PowerOn traps generated during vmware_hostd restart When you restart vmware_hostd, only the Warm Start trap message should be generated by default.Start the VMware VirtualCenter Server service.This does not cause any serious consequences because the Secondary VM's files should have already been deleted.ISP2432-based 4Gb Fibre Channel to PCI Express HBA (rev 03) The esxcfg-scsidevs -a command for Cisco UCS Qlogic FCoE Controllers: vmhba1 qla2xxx link-up (0:4:0.0) QLogic Corp.A "Detected Tx Hang" message appears in the VMkernel log Under a heavy load, due to hardware errata, some variants of e1000 NICs might lock.

Change the gateway device of the service console.Cannot perform port binding in conjunction with IPv6 ports Port binding is a mechanism of identifying certain VMkernel ports for use by the iscsi storage stack.However, when you perform Storage vMotion on a powered-on virtual machine hosted by ESX/ESXi.0, the toolbar icon for connecting and disconnecting CD/DVD and floppy devices remains enabled, allowing you to add these devices while Storage vMotion is in progress even though this might cause.Incorrect version number listed in Small Footprint CIM Broker The Small Footprint CIM Broker version listed from SLP service is incorrect.Workaround: You can ignore this error message.Workaround: Disable DPM on the host that stores the virtual machine templates.Workaround: To set the physical NIC duplex value uniformly across NICs and hosts that are to be configured using the reference host profile, modify the host profile after it is created and reapply the parameters.Workaround: Complete the following steps to change the port settings in the vSphere Web Access configuration files so that it can receive connections on the port you specified.This overrides any selection you made in the Disk Format menu.As a result, no CIM indication alerts are generated for these events.Workaround: None vSphere Web Access displays incorrect virtual machine CPU speed after the number of virtual processors is increased In vSphere Web Access, the Performance section of the Summary tab for a selected virtual machine displays incorrect information about CPU speed after the number.
Select the Always ignore this certificate option on each host.