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Vmware vsphere update manager extension 5.5

vmware vsphere update manager extension 5.5

In the Inventory Size drop-down menu, select large and click Save Settings.
Download Patches from Repository, the easiest way to obtain HPE patches is by downloading them from their online repository.
After you upgrade from vCenter Server.5 Update 1 to Update 2, the vCenter Server might not be visible on the vSphere Web Client If you have upgraded the vCenter Server using the upgrade path, vCenter Server.1.5.5 Update.5 Update.
Today I wanted to run through the process used to patch HP drivers on an ESXi host; specifically through Update Manager.Use this password to log in to the account.Permissions for local users are maintained after the upgrade.No hotfix is available for Windows XP (32 bit).VCenter Server will not be able to manage ESXi.5 Update 3b hosts, if you update ESXi before updating vCenter Server to version.5 Update.When you disable DRS in the vSphere Web Client, you are prompted to save the resource pool structure so that it can be reloaded in the future.
Workaround: To resolve this issue, you must run the compliance check to refresh the compliance status.

Workaround: Install the vSphere Web Client on a version of Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012 that is in another language.Workaround: Edit the vpxd locale setting: Select the vCenter Server instance in the vSphere Web Client inventory.Warning message persistently is displayed after Virtual SAN is disabled on a cluster If no disk groups are created for a Virtual SAN enabled cluster, a warning message similar to the following is displayed on the Cluster Summary page: vsan file search windows 7 utility datastore datastore1 in cluster.After you make these changes, try again to power on or reconfigure the virtual machine.Remediate For the last step in our process, we will set our Remediation Options and begin the Remediation process.Workaround: To uninstall vCenter Server without uninstalling Profile-Driven Storage, use an MSI command.Attempts to install vCenter Single Sign.5 Update 2d or upgrade from vCenter Sign.1 Update x fail if the password set for contains backslash at the end When you attempt to upgrade from vCenter Single Sign.1 update X.5.VSphere Data Protection.1 users who upgrade to vSphere.5 must also update vSphere Data Protection to continue using vSphere Data Protection.
VCenter Single Sign-On installation fails on Windows Server 2008 SP1 When you attempt to install vCenter Single Sign-On on Windows 2008 SP1 (64 bit the following warning appears: This application is only supported on windows server 2008 64bit, or higher.